Historical Center - Bastogne - Belgium

Address: Colline du Mardasson, Bastogne (See map)
Telephone: +32 (0)61-211413
Website: http://www.bastognehistoricalcenter.be

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: refreshments
Size of the museum/site: medium
Year of visit: 1997

Overall rating:

Description: The German Ardennes Offensive (known to Americans as the Battle of the Bulge) is the central theme of the Historical Center. The various realistic dioramas, portraying scenes of the fierce fighting in the Ardennes region, and a giant map showing the progress of the battle using audio-visual effects, should be considered as the highlights. Photographers will be pleased to see that all the dioramas are placed 'out in the open', without glass panels or other annoying obstacles.

The museum gives a fair idea of what the "Battered Bastards of the Bastion of Bastogne" (The 101st American Airborne Division, which was fully encircled by the Germans at the town of Bastogne) have been through.

When you're at the Historical Center, don't forget to visit the giant Mardasson Memorial which is situated close-by.

General Patton in front of several divisional flags.

Hetzer Jagdpanzer in front of the museum-entrance.

In use by many armies for almost half a century: the Jeep.

German forces in winter outfit.

German Kradschützenwagen (Light Personnel Carrier) loaded with a panzerschreck and panzerfaust.

Mardasson memorial for the American soldiers who fought and died during the Battle of the Bulge.