Memorial For Peace - Caen - France

Address: Esplanade D.D. Eisenhower, Caen (See map)
Telephone: +33 (0)2-31060644

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: restaurant
Size of the museum/site: large
Year of visit: 1999

Overall rating:

Description: The Caen Memorial gives a lot of general information about the origins of the Second World War and the occupation of France, but its main focus is on D-Day and the resulting battle for Normandy. The progress of this battle is depicted superbly via an audio-visual presentation combined with giant maps on which the allied and axis troop-movements are shown. Another great feature is the split screen which shows the simultaneous unfolding of events on both the German and Allied sides.

The exhibits at the prestigious Memorial are put up in spacious rooms, making it possible to view the displayed items from different sides and angles, even when it is very busy. The huge video/bookshop covers a large range of WWII-topics (most books are in the French language!).

Entrance of the Memorial.

British Typhoon Fighter, hanging in the entrance hall.

Scalemodel of an aircraftcarrier.

Diorama of occupied France.

Faces expressing the suffering and fear war brings.

Exhibit of the fierce fighting that characterized the days after D-Day.