Atlantik Wal Section Longues s/Mer - Longues sur Mer - France

Address: Longues sur Mer (See map)
Telephone: +33 (02)-31060645
Website: not available

Shop: no shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: not available
Size of the museum/site: small
Year of visit: 1999

Overall rating:

Description: The coastal Battery at Longues sur Mer formed an important part of the Atlantic Wall, built by the Germans to defend Europe in the event of an Allied landing. When the Allies launched their assault at D-Day, the Longues sur Mer guns gave the Allied ships a severe pounding. The gunemplacements are still at their original locations (sadly, most guns are pointed at the ground, only one is pointed at the sea as it was during the events of June 6th 1944), and can be visited unaided or with a guide.

Gun emplacement.

One of the German bunkers at the D-Day beaches.

Longues sur Mer is the only line of fortifications in France that still has its original guns.