Cabinet War Rooms - London - Great Britain

Address: King Charles Street, London (See map)
Telephone: +44 (0)207-9306961

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: not available
Size of the museum/site: medium
Year of visit: 2000

Overall rating:

Description: The Cabinet War Rooms were used as a shelter by Churchill, his military staff and the British government during the Second World War. This because London was hit by German Bombers, V1 and V2 rockets on a regular basis and the government had to remain capable of governing the country (in case the goverment buildings would be hit).

The great thing about the Cabinet War Rooms is the fact that when you walk around in there, you know Churchill actually sat in the chair you see before you, slept in the bed that stands in the corner, made crucial decisions in the map room, and smoked his cigars whilst walking up and down the very corridor you're standing in. Great effort has been put in making the rooms 'come alive', resulting in fine dioramas and a realistic wartime atmosphere.

One of the many guards.

The Map Room with large scale maps of the main theatres of war.

Transatlantic telephoneroom used by Churchill to contact the American president.

Entrance to the cabinet war rooms.