Museum 40- 45 - Arnhem - The Netherlands

Address: Kemperbergerweg 780, Arnhem (See map)
Telephone: +31 (0)26-4420958

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: refreshments
Size of the museum/site: medium
Year of visit: 2000

Overall rating:

Description: The 40-45 Museum focuses on life in occupied Holland, and the disastrous fighting in and around Arnhem during operation Market Garden. Several enthusiastic guides provide background information if you want, but you can also visit the museum on your own. The museum is in fact a collection of smaller museums: various collecters have teamed up and brought their collections together.

The great dioramas, broad range of weapons on display and the collection of propaganda material, make visiting this museum a worthy experience. The balance between German, Dutch and Allied exhibits is perfect, giving the visitor a good all-round view of the events that took place during the war.

An Allied soldier with his bicycle.

American assembling a mini-motorcycle dropped in the warzone.

German motorcycles.

Canadians in the city-centre of Arnhem.

The German "Panzerschreck" was feared by Allied tank-crews.

"The Invasion: the Allies' cemetery." A poster printed by the Germans after the Dieppe-raid, to show that any Allied attempt to invade Fortress Europe would fail.

A Kettenkrad fully packed.