Bevrijdende Vleugels - Best - The Netherlands

Address: Sonseweg 39, Best (See map)
Telephone: +31 (0)499-329722

Shop: small shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: refreshments
Size of the museum/site: large
Year of visit: 2000

Overall rating:

Description: Near the town of Best you can find the "Bevrijdende Vleugels" museum (Wings of Liberation) which is based on an old Mobilisation Complex of the Dutch Army. On September 17th 1944 airborne units of the 101st US Airborne Division landed in this area as a part of operation "Market Garden".

On the terrain we find 3 large halls containing the following campaigns: the liberation of South Limburg, Operation Market Garden and Operation Barbarossa in Russia. The other halls contain an American Mobile Command Post, a camp of the Scottish 51st Highland Division and two aviation halls. All in all there is a great diversity in the museum's collection. There even is a Dakota and a Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter.

It seems like you are taking part in the action when you're walking through the enormous, richly decorated dioramas. Also take a good look around when you walk from hall to hall, because there's quite a lot of equipment (trucks, guns, airplanes and other vehicles) on display here.

A scene of Americans in a Brabant village during "Market Garden".

A 'primitive' long-distance listening device.

Russian soldiers with the famous T34 tank.

Jagdpanzer "Hetzer".

Camp of the 51st Scottish Highland Division.

Allied gunner standing next to an anti-aircraft gun.

Communication played an important role in Operation Market Garden.

Damaged German Opel "Blitz".

Long Tom 155 mm gun M1 (U.S.).

A Dutch signpost as they were at the time of WWII.