Musée du Mur de L'Atlantique - Audinghen - France

Address: Cap Gris-Nez, Audinghen (See map)
Telephone: +33 (0)2-1329733
Website: not available

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: refreshments
Size of the museum/site: small
Year of visit: 2001

Overall rating:

Description: On the Channel Coast we find the "Museum of the Atlantic Wall", housed in a bunker called "Batterie Todt". There's one thing that pulled us to this museum: one of the world's last two K5 railway guns (still pointed at England) is displayed here. Although the large gun is a magnificent sight, it is in a poor condition, as are most of the other guns and vehicles at the Musée du Mur de L'Atlantique. The museum's collection is large, incorporating a lot of weapons and other (small) items, but unfortunately very poorly displayed. Most exhibits are placed behind glass which is filthy and condensed (most probably because of the state of the bunker and the nearness of the sea) so it was hard to see them and to take pictures. Had this been better, the museum would've definitely gotten a higher rating.

We missed any (clear) information about the Atlantic Wall in general and the role Batterie Todt played in it more specifically, which is especially strange since the museum is called "Museum of the Atlantic Wall". On the other hand it is impressive to walk in a giant structure like the 'Batterie'.

The impressive concrete structure "Batterie Todt", part of the Atlantic Wall.

One of the German defenders of the fortification.

Soldiers' quarters inside the 'Batterie'.

The German K5 railway gun (280 mm caliber). One of the last two existing pieces in the world.

The K5 cannon from the rear of the barrel.

Finnish anti-tankgun mounted on skis.

Dummy paratrooper, used to mislead the Germans during the Normandy campaign.