Museum Nederlandse Cavalerie - Amersfoort - The Netherlands

Address: Bernhardkazerne, Barchman Wuytierslaan 198, Amersfoort (See map)
Telephone: +31 (0)33-4661996

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: not available
Size of the museum/site: medium
Year of visit: 2001

Overall rating:

Description: The "Museum of Dutch Cavalry" describes the history of the Dutch cavalry over the last 400 years. It is part of the "Bernhardkazerne" in Amersfoort, which means you have to bring along valid identification when visiting the museum.

The collection includes paintings, photographs, scale-models, weapons and uniforms. You are taken on a tour through history, beginning with soldiers mounted on horses and ending with all the different tanks used by the Dutch cavalry in recent history: from the Swedish manufactured Landsverk (armoured vehicle) to the Leopard II Tank. Most vehicles are displayed permanently, some vehicles only during special occasions (for example during a visit from Prince Bernhard).

Hussars of Boreel outfit.

Dutch soldiers on a motorcycle combination.

Pantserwagen Humber MK IV.

Daf 95 Truck with AMX-13 Tank.

Pantserwagen Landsverk.

A medieval canonball next to modern age arrow projectiles.

Horse with Lewis Machinegun on its back.

Stuart M3 A1, used by the KNIL in the Dutch East Indies.

Leopard I-V tank. First German tank used by the Dutch Cavalry.

Dutch anti-aircraft gunners during the German invasion of The Netherlands.