Nederlands Artillerie Museum - 't Harde - The Netherlands

Address: Eperweg 149, 't Harde (See map)
Telephone: +31 (0)525-657310

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: restaurant
Size of the museum/site: medium
Year of visit: 2001

Overall rating:

Description: The Dutch Artillery Museum is situated on the army base "'t Harde". This means you mustn't forget to bring your passport (identification) to gain access to the museum. The base, with its characteristic chalet-style architecture, was built in 1875 on a hill named "De Knobbel". Standing on the hill you have a nice view over the Veluwe (Dutch national park).

The museum's collection is spread out over three pavilions in which the history of Dutch artillery, fortification artillery, armoured fort artillery, coastal artillery and other artillery until 1950 are portrayed. Inside you can see well taken care of dioramas, like for instance the scene shown on one of the pictures below: a horse with a gas mask. In the surroundings of the buildings a lot of artillery pieces have been 'placed in position', so take a good look around.

As a small discomfort we want to mention the fact that (yes, here we go again) it isn't always easy to take pictures. On the other hand you can get a FREE cup of coffee in the restaurant opposed to the museum, which makes up for that!

Ancient gun barrels.

A Dutch cannon crew at work.

Dutch gunner (WWII).

Heavy artillery.

Panoramic view over the Veluwe.

Roman soldiers: the first to use artillery.

Fortification artillery.

Old artillery piece.

Soldier and horse with gasmasks.