Marinemuseum - Den Helder - The Netherlands

Address: Hoofdgracht 3, Den Helder (See map)
Telephone: +31 (0)223-657534

Shop: small shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: restaurant
Size of the museum/site: large
Year of visit: 2002

Overall rating:

Description: Situated in Den Helder, the home base of the Dutch navy, we find the Naval Museum. The complete history of the Royal Dutch Navy (since its establishment some 500 years ago) is displayed in the main building. The exhibition contains paintings, naval guns, uniforms and scale-models of several ships.

Outside the main building are three different ships, waiting to be visited by you. The first of these is the "HNLMS Tonijn", a submarine with a length of 78 meters that served between 1960 and 1991. It is the only Dutch submarine on permanent display to the public. The minesweeper "Abraham Crijnssen" was built in 1936 and served in the Dutch East-Indies during the Second World War. It spectacularly escaped from the Indonesian island Surabaya to Australia in 1942, camouflaged as a tropical island! Built in France, the ram ship "Schorpioen" started its active service in 1868. Nowadays it's completely restored and open to the public. The attendants of the museum are willing to answer all your questions about the ships.

All in all the Naval Museum is very nice and certainly worth visiting.

Entrance to the museum.

Dutch recruiting poster for marine personnel, needed to fight the Japs in the Dutch Indies.

Submarine 'De Tonijn' in the background. It is a three-cylinder submarine of the Potvis class. This type of submarine formed the heart of the Dutch submarine fleet between 1960 and 1991.

Bunks in the inside of De Tonijn. Notice the torpedo-tubes at the back.

Small corridors crammed with all kinds of machinery.

Hatch leading into the submarine.

Minesweeper HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen, used in the Dutch Indies during World War 2.

The Schorpioen enjoying its retirement at the peaceful harbour near the museum.

Two muzzle-loaders of 23 cm calibre, with a combined weight of 44.5 tons.

Captain's quarters.