Koninklijk Museum van het Leger en de Krijgsgeschiedenis - Brussel - Belgium

Address: Jubelpark 3, Brussel (See map)
Telephone: +32 (0)2-7377833
Website: http://www.klm-mra.be

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: restaurant available
Size of the museum/site: large
Year of visit: 2002
Overall rating:

Description: In Brussel's Jubelpark we visited The Royal Army Museum. It's one of the few museums with a huge collection where you don't have to pay admission. Parking space is situated just in front of the museum, preventing hours of panic-ridden searching in Belgium's bustling metropolis.

The museum offers an overview of more than 10 centuries of military and technological history. Sadly, the halls dealing with WW2 and warfare in the second half of the twentieth century were closed during our visit, resulting in a (perhaps too) low rating. The collection boasts a rich variety of aircraft, tanks, uniforms and scale-models. A nice feature is the small reconstructed World War One trench, where you can handle rifles used at the time (without the actual firing of course...). The routing of the museum could be better, but all in all certainly worth a visit when you're in the vicinity.

Old and new. The German Junkers Ju-52/3m used for trooptransport and the F16 still in use by the Belgian Airforce.

Sikorsky S58 HSS 1 Rescue helicopter.

Jagdpanzer Hetzer

Soviet postwar tanks. On the left the SU 152 in the background the Jozef Stalin III.

Sopwith F1 Camel build in 1917.

The Red Baron's Fokker Dr I.

German PzKw IV tank.

Renault FT17.

Hind helicopter served in the East German Air Force as an assault transport- and gunship.

Overview of the Great Hall.