1st Armored Division Museum - Baumholder - Germany

Address:US Army Base Baumholder, Baumholder (See map)
Website: http://www.baumholder.army.mil/museum/museum.htm

Shop: no shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: not available
Size of the museum/site: medium
Year of visit: 2002
Overall rating:

Description: After a thorough check at the gates of the U.S. Army Base Baumholder (so don't forget your passport) we arrived at the museum of the 1st Armored Division. At first sight we knew that it was a good choice to pay a visit to this museum. There were several vehicles outside drawing our attention and entering the museum we were 'welcomed' by the emblem of the division.

Once inside the museum the visitor is taken on a tour along the impressive history of the 1st Armored Division. The chronological 'tour' starts at the home base of the division in Fort Knox. Following this you get a detailed description of the division's activities during World War II. First, they served in Africa and then they went on to Italy where they liberated Rome. Next to this the division was part of the occupational force in Italy. After the Second World War and Vietnam they were present in Germany (because of the Cold War), the Gulf War and former Yugoslavia.

This is all illustrated with lots of dioramas, pictures, background stories, personal belongings and weapons. Here, we should also mention the fact that, doing this, attention is also being given to the 'other sides' as you can also see in the pictures below. Altogether visiting this museum felt like walking through a history book.

Emblem of the First Armored Division.

Officers studying a map at Fort Knox, Kentucky (U.S.A.) In the background a M-3 A1 Scout car.

Zundapp K5750 used by the Germans in there campaign in Africa.

Scale-model showing the First Armoured Division entering Rome on the 4th of june 1944.

Italian propaganda. In the front is a jeep equiped with a heavy machinegun

Americans guarding the German border between East and West Germany during the Cold war.

Iraqi (on the left) and American soldier wearing their suits against chemical, biological and nuclear warfare.

Iraqi propaganda found in an abandoned army base. Notice the error: instead of 'STATUE OF LIBERTY' it says 'LIBERTY STADIUM'.

Russian made anti-aircraft gun used by the Iraqi army. It has a crew of four and a range of 3.000 metres.

T 55 tank still in use by several countries across the world.