Infanterie Museum - Harskamp - The Netherlands

Address: Otterloseweg 5, Harskamp (See map)
Telephone: +31 (0)318-454492
Website: not available

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: restaurant
Size of the museum/site: small
Year of visit: 2002
Overall rating:

Description: On one of the largest army bases in The Netherlands a museum-park is situated (free admission), consisting of 3 museums: the Infantry Museum, the National Reserves Museum and the "Museum Infanterie Schietkamp Harskamp". Here we'll have a look at the former. Like the name indicates it deals with the history of the Dutch Infantry. Many people see this place (the "Harskamp" base) as the cradle of the infantry.

The exhibition is built around several former regiments as well as still existing ones. They bare names like "Chassé", "Menno van Coehoorn", "Oranje Gelderland" and the "Regiment Wielrijders". The latter can be considered as the pre-war (WW II) Dutch Army, moving around on bicycles. A separate hall, next to the National Reserves Museum, is dedicated to this regiment. The description of each regiment is accompanied by uniforms, photographs and personal belongings/equipment.

With all the different regiments and activities being subject of this museum's exhibition it should be stated that it foremost can be seen as a reference to other military museums located elsewhere in The Netherlands. All the exhibits are in a good state, everything is well organised and the surrounding park with some monuments and vehicles in it (giving an insight into the transportation of the infantry through the years), make for an interesting place to visit. Ending with a practical note: the museum is only opened on weekdays.

Maurits and Willem Lodewijk debating their strategies during the "80 Year War" against the Spanish occupier.

Stained glass with the Dutch (army) motto.

A lonely mortar in a corner of the museum.

The colours of the dissolved "Oranje Gelderland" Regiment.

Soldier of the "Prinses Irene Brigade". The cord shows that the soldier was present at the invasion in Normandy.

Dutch United Nations soldier stationed in Lebanon.

DAF YP408.

AMX tracked vehicle used by the Dutch infantry in the 1970's. It had room for 9 soldiers plus one driver and a gunner.