Militar Friedhof Sandweiler - Sandweiler - Luxemburg

Address: Sandweiler (See map)
Telephone: not available

Size of the museum/site: large
Year of visit: 2002

Description: 7 kilometres to the east of the city of Luxembourg lies the war cemetery Sandweiler. After the Second World War the German "Volksbund" organisation was permitted to bury German dead from all over Luxembourg (the country) at Sandweiler, where already more than 5000 Germans got their final resting place. Most victims of the fighting that went on during early 1945, when the allies smashed through Luxembourg into Germany, are buried here. The cemetery contains the graves of 10915 war dead, of which 4829 are buried in a mass grave. Situated closeby is the American Cemetery Luxemburg.

Characteristic granite crosses cover the Sandweiler burial grounds.

Each cross represents 2 dead, whose names are engraved in the stone. When a soldier is not known it simply says "ein Deutscher Soldat".

Gallery at the entrance of the cemetery.

Hochkreuz marking the mass grave.

Plaque with the namens of soldiers buried in the mass grave.

Remembering those who fell during the fighting in the area where Luxemburg, Belgium and Germany meet.