Tranchée Des Baionettes - Verdun - France

Address: Circuit Champ De Bataille/Verdun Area (See map)
Telephone: no telephone
Website: not available

Size of the museum/site: small
Year of visit: 2002

Description: 12th of June 1916: the heavy bombarding of a trench, with a detachment of the French 137th Infantry Regiment in it, causes the collapse of the defence structure. Tragically, many of the soldiers of this detachment were buried alive here. The only proof of their presence being (the points of) their bayonets sticking out of the mud.

The Tranchée des Baionettes monument (Trench of the Bayonets) was built in 1920 on the spot were the trench most probably was situated. After all the years that have past since, in all its simplicity it still is an impressive mark of honour.

The massive entrance of the monument.

A full sideview of Tranchée des Baionettes.

One of the crosses commemorating the victims of the bombardment.

Overview 'inside' the monument.

Monument Maginot: built to commemorate André Maginot who was wounded near Verdun and is well-known for his "Maginot Line". Monuments like these are scattered all around the area, so keep your eyes open when visiting the Circuit Champ de Bataille.