Ereveld Loenen - Loenen - The Netherlands

Address: Groenendaalseweg 64, Loenen (See map)
Telephone: +31 (0)55 5051363

Size of the museum/site: large
Year of visit: 2002

Description: This "Field of Honour" was erected in 1948 and opened in 1949 by Princess Wilhelmina. At this burial ground almost 4000 people are buried. People are still (re)buried here. Loenen is not a typical burial ground with rows of crosses or stones. In Loenen the graves are covered with a lying stone. Not only soldiers are buried here but also lots of civilians. These civilians were people of the resistance, political prisoners and victims of forced labour in Germany. Since the 1980's soldiers fallen in UN missions (Lebanon, Former Yugoslavia) are also given their final resting-place on this Field of Honour.

The atmosphere in this 17 acres big 'forest' with its small and winding paths along the gravestones is one of both serenity and dignity.

Entrance to the burial ground.

Chapel containing books with the names of 125.000 Dutch victims of war of whom the final resting place is unknown.

This Sergeant was killed in Suriname (former Dutch colony) during the Second World War.

Glance through the Loenen Forest.

Victims of war and conflict lay peacefully next to each other in this forest.

Some of the members of the resistance received a medal for courage (the "verzetskruis"), for their work against the Germans.

Dutch UN soldier killed in Lebanon.

Soldiers are still being buried here. This particular soldier was killed during a grenade attack in former Yugoslavia.