Achterhoeks Museum 1940-1945 - Hengelo (Gld) - The Netherlands

Address: Marktstraat 6, Hengelo (Gld) (See map)
Telephone: +31 (0)575 46 51 70

Shop: small shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: refreshments
Size of the museum/site: small
Year of visit: 2002
Overall rating:

Description: The "Achterhoeks Museum 1940-1945" isn't the largest museum dealing with World War II, but it does however, offer a very nice general overview of this period. This is supplemented by typical scenes as they could be found in the Achterhoek, which is the north-eastern region close to Arnhem.

A lot of authentic material, which is in a good state, is shown throughout the museum. The different items, ranging from uniforms, black-out lights, radios to entire interiors are either presented in splendid dioramas or showcases. Accompanied by clear descriptions of the concerning items and/or scenes. Another good feature of this museum is the fact that you can actually walk into the 'old' shop and the café.

Taking pictures isn't allowed in the museum, but luckily the owner of the museum, Mr. Jean Kreunen, was so kind as to send us some. Furthermore, mind that there are two places called Hengelo in The Netherlands. This 'Hengelo' is located in the province of Gelderland (near Arnhem).

Third Reich relics (on the right). They even had christmas decorations with Swastikas!

Dutch soldiers dug in near the river IJssel.

During the Mobilisation this café served as a commandpost and of a café.

German Infantry marching into the Netherlands.

Authentic shop showing you the products sold in the waryears. You will find surrogate coffee and black-out lights here.

Illegality in the Netherlands. Illegal papers, forbidden radios and forged identity papers are shown here.

Lots of Dutch women married their liberators. Her dress is made of parachutefabric.

Section of the museum that tells the story of the German prisons and concentrationcamps.

Coming out of Germany the Canadians liberated the "Achterhoek" in march 1945.