1st Infantry Division Museum - Würzburg - Germany


Address: Leighton Barracks Rottendorferstrasse, Würzburg (See map)
Telephone: +49 (0)931-889-7337
Website: http://www.1id.army.mil/1ID/Units/1idmuseum/1idmuseum/THE%20MUSEUM.htm

Shop: shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: not available
Size of the museum/site: medium
Year of visit: 2003
Overall rating:

Description: After a good experience visiting the 1st Armoured Division Museum in Baumholder we decided to visit another American army base museum in Germany: the 1st Infantry Division Museum. This museum is located on the "Leighton Barracks" army base in Würzburg, Germany, which is the European Headquarters of the Division.

In 1917 the 1st ID not only was the first United States unit in Europe, it also was the first of these units to go into combat over here. At the end of the Great War (WW I) in 1918 nobody could've expected that the 1st Infantry Division would return to Europe within just over twenty years. Again the Division would honour its name by being the first to reach Great Britain and later on the first American unit to fight the Germans in Northern Africa, Sicily, Normandy and Germany, during the Second World War. In 1965 the 1st ID, again, was the first unit to set foot on Vietnamese soil. During the Gulf War the 1st ID led the charge into Iraq. Apart from this they were also present in several peacekeeping operations, like in the Balkans.

All these periods are handled chronologically in the 1st ID Museum, accompanied by nice dioramas and displays, which make for a realistic, historic and atmospheric setting. The 'view from a landingcraft' in the Omaha Beach assault and the French village are very good examples in this case. Just behind the museum building 13 tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles are exhibited, among which two captured tanks from Iraq as well as the rarely seen M110A2. In general this museum offers a good insight in the (rich) history of the 1st Infantry Division.

If you're planning to pay this museum a visit we'd advise you to contact the museum staff in advance and of course to bring along your passport.

The Big Red One's first action was in France during the First World War. The picture shows a French street and the awful trenches in the back.

Watercooled machinegun used during the Great war.

View from a landingcraft about to hit the beach on D-Day.

Original door of a prison cell in Nürnberg where the Germans were locked in, awaiting their trial.

Infantryman in the difficult conditions of the Vietnamese jungle.

East German soldier guarding the "Iron Curtain", one of the most tangible symbols of the Cold War.

After breaking through an anti-tank obstacle and bursting into Iraq members of the 1st Infantry Division left this sign on the spot.

An M60A3 main battle tank, later on replaced by the M1 Abrams. It is however still in use by the US National Reserves.

M1 8 inch gun, which was in use during WW II. It was especially useful for heavy bombardment and use against enemy bunkers.

The M110A2 self propelled gun saw action in both the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.