Aalborg Søfarts- og Marinemuseum - Aalborg - Denmark

Address: Vestre Fjordvej 81, Aalborg (See map)
Telephone: +45 (0)98-117803
Website: http://www.aalborgmarinemuseum.dk

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Size of the museum/site: large
Year of visit: 2005
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Description: The “Søfarts- og Marinemuseum” is located in the harbour of Aalborg, along the Limfjord. Running all across Northern Denmark the Limfjord is an important connection between the North Sea and the Kattegat (and the Baltic Sea). The development of Aalborg and its harbour is closely tied to this location. This history is told really well and understandable in the Aalborg Marinemuseum.

Inside the museum a lot of attention is being given to the development and significance of the harbour through the ages. The role of (military) shipbuilding is especially highlighted with many detailed scale-models, photos and other interesting artefacts. Furthermore, the history of naval-/warships is also explained with a lot of scale-models and short, but clear, descriptions. One of the surprising stories that’s being told is about the low floating raft (see photo below). The scale-model shows how simple, yet effective, the Danish defence against an English attack worked. Next to this, the museum shows different means of navigation ships have to their disposal, like lighthouses and beacons and their locations along the Danish coast, but also more advanced technological solutions which use satellites.

The main eyecatcher of the outside part of the exhibition is of course the submarine “Springeren”. This submarine of the Dolphin class was built in Denmark in 1964. Springeren still is in excellent shape and visitors can have a look inside. Be prepared though…every 15 minutes the lights will go out and the alarm will go off indicating that the diving procedure is started! The sub actually was the reason for founding the museum in 1992, but ever since the museum has successfully expanded and broadened its collection. Other items that are on display outside are the Søbjørnen (a commonly used torpedoboat) as well as a collection of different underwater weapons like seamines, depth-charges and torpedoes. Finally, there are two smaller exhibition halls with smaller rowing boats and an Allouette helicopter.

Although the main attraction of the Aalborg Marinemuseum is the submarine, it definitely has more to offer for those interested in marine history in a broad sense. All of the exhibits are neatly placed and are accompanied by English translations (almost everywhere).

Scale model of Aalborg's historic shipyard as it must have looked like around 1800.

Overview of the exhibits.

This Danish low floating raft equipped with 24 guns played a crucial role in thwarting an English attack from a large fleet in 1801. Because the raft was so low floating, it was difficult to hit.

Two-person shelter for German soldiers guarding the Aalborg Harbour during the occupation of Denmark.

The museum's outside area is packed with all sorts of naval equipment and a submarine, which is accessible to visitors.

Part of the control-centre of the "Springeren" submarine.

A peek into the engine-room of the Dolphin-class submarine.

Device for depth-charges (to the left) and the so-called "Hedgehog" anti-submarine rocket thrower (to the right). Both systems were frequently used by ships hunting down submarines.

Søbjørnen: a typical example of the type of torpedoboat in use by most NATO-countries during the second half of the twentieth century.

The Allouette-III type helicopter, used on naval inspection ships.