Museo HÝstorico Militar de Sevilla - Sevilla - Spain

Address: Plaza de España - Puerta de Aragón, Sevilla (See map)
Telephone: +34 (0)954 93 82 83
Website: not available

Shop: no shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: not available
Size of the museum/site: medium
Year of visit: 2005
Overall rating:

Description: Let's have it right: The building the Museo Historico Militar is housed in is more interesting than the museum itself. It's situated in the former "Spanish Pavillion" of the 1929 Iberian-American Exposition. It is a gigantic magnificent building with tiles of vitreous china and all that lark. Nevertheless, the museum itself is worth visiting as well. As the museum is run by the Spanish Army, be sure to carry a passport or official I.D., as you'll have to show it on your way in.

The museum covers a wild range of military subjects throughout the ages, from Spanish medieval armour to British colonial troops riding camels in the African desert. The various machineguns that are on display, including two dioramas of machinegun nests, form the most important attraction of the museum. They stem from different periods of history, different conflicts and different countries, and it is interesting to see the varying models and designs. Other interesting pieces are the scale-model of the medieval siege of Seville and some authentic artillery pieces and medical military equipment. Apart from that the museum features quite a lot of historic uniforms and small firearms.

The fact that the exhibits are only accompanied by a few Spanish texts is a drawback, as it will leave most international visitors (including our good selves!) a little puzzled as to what the exact history/use of the different items is. Apart from the machineguns the museum fails to really grab and amaze you... Worth a visit if you happen to be in Seville, but not necessary to catch the next plane to Spain.

View of the northern part of the former Spanish Pavillion, in which the museum (together with a lot of government institutions) is housed.

The stunning main entrance of the building.

Machinegunner overlooking a valley from his strategic hideout.

Another diorama of a machinegun nest.

Overview of the artillery hall of the museum.

Just one of the museum's many figurine displays, featuring British colonial troops.

Military uniforms throughout the ages...

Scale model of the besieged city of Seville during the dark ages.

One of the more interesting attractions: machineguns used in various conflicts throughout Europe.

Military flags decorate the rooms & halls of the museum.