Naval Museum - Varna - Bulgaria

Address: Primorski Blvd. 2, Bulgaria (See map)
Telephone: +359 (0)52632018
Website: not available

Shop: no shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: not available
Size of the museum/site: medium
Year of visit: 2007
Overall rating:

The city of Varna at the Black Sea coast is Bulgariaís most important port. So itís no surprise that this city is home to the Naval Museum. This museum can be found in a park along the beach.

On the outside premises of the museum the most interesting item of the museum: the Drazki (translated in English as "Intrepid") is on display. The Drazki is a torpedo boat (destroyer) which also served in the first Balkan War. During that war, in November 1912 this boat and its crew made themselves invincible when they successfully torpedoed the Turkish cruiser Hamidiye about 30 kmís off the coast near Varna. This was Bulgariaís most important naval victory up to that point. The Drazki is still accessible for those who want to have a look on the inside of the ship.

In the outside exhibition you can also have a look at a small assortment of guns/canons and Soviet helicopters. But these items are in a rather bad state.

Inside the museum there are several naval exhibits on display, like sea mines, naval uniforms, a periscope, speed-o-meters and some figureheads. Most of these arenít very rare, but nevertheless they form part of (Bulgariaís) naval history and itís nice to have a look them.

We wouldnít advice you travel half the world to see the Naval Museum in Varna, but when you live nearby or happen to be in the in the area, for instance to enjoy the sunny beaches of Varna during the summer, you might as well pay this museum a visit and have a look at the Drazki. Especially since entrance is free of charge.

Sideview from the Drazki destroyer, which saw action during the first Balkan War of 1912-1913.

Cabin inside the Drazki.

Russian uniforms from the 1877-1878 war during which they liberated the Bulgarians from Ottoman rule.

Historical figurehead which once decorated the prow of a ship.

Russian electrochemical mine stemming from the Russian-Turkish war.

A torpedo from the famous Drazki vessel.

Linomet gun, used to shoot a rope from one ship to another enabling access to another ship.

Selection of several historical devices that were used on ships. There is a speed-o-meter in the front.

Assorted guns in the backyard of the museum.

Soviet type helicopter in the front. There's some kind of mobile rocket launching unit in the background, but we weren't able to figure out what type etc.