Bunker concentration Western Jylland - Søndervig/Thorsminde area - Denmark

Address: Scattered around the shores of Western Jylland, between Søndervig and Thorsminde (See map)
Telephone: no telephone
Website: not available

Shop: no shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: not available
Size of the museum/site: large
Year of visit: 2006
Overall rating:

Description: All along the Danish west coast they are sinking away into their sandy graves: the mighty bunkers of the former Atlantik Wall. Apart from the large concentrations at Thyborøn and at Blaavand's Huk there are several smaller concentrations, that still are worth a visit.

Although the bunkers lack information panels or any other form of "museum-characteristics", they work like a magnet to anyone walking the beaches between Søndervig and Thorsminde. The thrill of being able to enter (as far as the sea allows) and discover the bunkers on your own is irresistible. Some are virtually intact (apart from the interior furniture, which has long been snatched away!), while others are half-eaten by the sand and corroded to buggery by the weather elements. The bunkers at Thorsminde in the north of this region are worth a special mention, as they differed in role from the other bunkers. While most bunkers simply were used to defend the coastline, the bunkers at Thorsminde were of special strategic importance as they were meant to secure the entrance to the Danish inland.

A great point of this "open air museum" is the ever changing setting of the sea, skies and dunes surrounding the bunkers. They look completely different visiting them in summer or during winter blizzards. You can combine a walk along the bunkers with a stroll through the "Plantages" (planted forests) located nearby.

Although the bunkers don't form an official museum, we think it was worthwhile mentioning this location to you. Especially because of the historic importance and the opportunity to actually visit original artifacts of WWII. Have a good day out at the Danish beaches!

Apocalyptic sunset over the bunkers of Søndervig...

Inside view of one of the Søndervig bunkers. As with almost all bunkers here, the sand has filled up a large part of the structure.

Probably the top half of a radarbunker (Søndervig).

A final glimpse of the Søndervig concentration from the dunes.

Nightview of one of the many half sunken Vedersø bunkers during a snow blizzard (we risked our lives taking this picture for you!).

The remnants of the Atlantik Wall near Vedersø Klit.

Overview of the bunkers that can be seen near Fjand.

A group of people admiring the view of the grim North-Sea and the bunkers from the top of the dunes (Husby).

Artist impression of the Atlantik Wall at sunset.

Bunker guarding the harbour of Thorsminde, the entrance to the Nissum Fjord.