Bunker concentration Blaavand's Huk - Blaavand's Huk - Denmark

Address: Located at the seashore near Blaavand's Huk (See map)
Telephone: no telephone
Website: not available

Shop: no shop present
Restaurant/refreshments: not available
Size of the museum/site: large
Year of visit: 2006
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Description: If you've only got the time to visit one bunker location at the Danish West Coast, visit this one! The amount of, varying, bunker types scattered about the area is unapproachable. There are many smaller types which (generally) only had one function and some larger more complicated bunkers with more 'sophisticated' functions.

Blaavand's Huk is located on the most western part of the Danish mainland and therefore was of strategic importance to the Germans, being part of the Atlantik Wall and with the entrance to Hamburg with its harbour (relatively) nearby. Apart from serving as the primal defence line of fortress Europe the main function of the bunkers of Blaavand's Huk was to spot and intercept/report allied aircraft. As soon as enemy aircraft were discovered, signals went out to deploy German fighter squadrons to neutralise the threat.

Like the other locations on the Danish coast you can walk around the bunkers freely to a certain extend. Mind the fact that you're walking around military exercising grounds, which means you have to stay away during manoeuvres or duck for the bullets! A small tip from us is to bring along a torch so you can see better what's inside the bunkers.

In case you've got more than one afternoon to spend you can also consider visiting (one of) the following bunker concentrations on the Danish coast: Thyborøn and Western Jylland.

Being eaten slowly by the sand: the grim fate almost all the bunkers in Denmark face...

A fine example of the L485 Luftwaffe bunker. This large piece of concrete was used to track Allied bombers trying to make their way to Germany.

Entrance to the L485...

... and one from the inside of this giant.

One of the short-range defence bunkers scattered around the area.

A so called "Seeriese" (sea giant, V174 Marineregelbau). This two-storied bunker, rising up from the dunes, was used by the Germans to spot and report enemy airplanes on their way to the "Heimat".

Don't wait too long visiting Blaavand cause all the bunkers are sinking away in the sand...

Note the pattern on top of the structure, used to conceal the bunker from enemy observation.

Walking around the premises can be quite dangerous: watch out you don't break your neck falling down a concealed bunker entrance.

Watch your back while visiting Blaavand, because you might get shot at during military exercises in the area!